Interview Step 1: Test Task

January 13, 2024

Welcome to the First Stage of Your Interview Process!

Hello and congratulations on reaching this stage of the application process! Before you begin the test task, we want to inform you about the compensation for the Part-Time Remote Marketing Coordinator / Virtual Assistant position you’re applying for. The successful candidate hired for this role will be compensated at an hourly rate between $20-$24/hr, depending on their experience. Please note, this rate applies to the role post-hiring and does not extend to the completion of this test task. As a gesture of our gratitude for your time and effort on this task, everyone who is invited and submits their completed test task on time will receive a Starbucks gift card via email as a thank you.

As you embark on this task, we encourage you to weave in your love for the outdoors. Your passion for outdoor activities and adventures can be a great asset in aligning with the spirit of the Explorer Series, and we’d love to see this reflected in your work.

We’ve designed this task to allow you to showcase your skills and creativity in areas that are crucial for the role. It’s a great opportunity for you to demonstrate your abilities in research, planning, content creation, and time management.

Here’s what we’d like you to do:

Final Deliverable: You’ll need to compile an editable Google Doc containing all components of this task and email it to Make sure your name and contact info is included.

1. Email Newsletter Draft:

  • Your Task: Draft the content for an email newsletter intended for Explorer Series subscribers. Although the final version would typically be published using Mailchimp, please create this draft in Google Docs. Also, design a simple graphic in Canva that complements part of the newsletter.
  • Tools: Google Docs for the draft; Canva for graphic design.
  • Focus: The newsletter should contain three distinct sections:
    1. Promotion of an Upcoming Social Media Contest: Highlight a contest offering great swag and free entries into any of the Spring Challenges. Mention the contest start date (January 20) and its duration (ending 10 days later).
    2. Highlight of the 10 Grind Challenge: Provide an engaging overview of this challenge.
    3. Spring Explorer Series Event Registration: Inform subscribers that registration for the Spring Explorer Series events opens in early February, with events starting on March 16. Encourage readers to get on the waitlist now to be notified when registration opens.
  • Content Requirements: Ensure that the copy is concise, informative, and easy to skim-read.
  • Call to Action: Include one main call to action (CTA) button in the newsletter. This button should link to an existing page on the Explorer Series website. In your Google Docs draft, place a placeholder for this button.
  • Additional Elements: Write a compelling subject line and preview text for the newsletter, capturing the essence of its content and engaging the reader’s interest.

2. Social Media Post Creation:

  • Your Task: Research upcoming Summer 2024 Explorer Series events and draft a social media post for one.
  • Tools: Use Canva for graphic design and Google Docs for drafting text.
  • Focus: Be creative and ensure your post aligns with the Explorer Series’ brand. Your post should include an engaging caption, relevant hashtags, and a graphic that captures the essence of the chosen event. The graphic should be suitable for social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, demonstrating your understanding of effective social media content creation.

3. Samples Of Past Work

  • Include links to online examples of past work you’ve done specifically related to the core roles in this position.

We look forward to seeing your creativity and strategic thinking in action! Good luck, and remember, this is your chance to make a great impression.

Next Steps: Candidates who stand out in this stage will be shortlisted and invited for a further discussion, which may be conducted via video call or in-person, depending on your location and availability.