Dogs, Trails, and Coffee Challenge (Fraser Valley West)

10 weeks
Hiking or Running
Explore 10 local trails (and 10 coffee shops) with your dog and your friends over 10 weeks. Register and start your Challenge anytime between now and September 1st.

Join the Dogs, Trails and Coffee Challenge in Fraser Valley West. Explore ten local coffee shops and discover ten new dog-friendly trails with friends. Half of the trails are easy, and the rest are moderate, perfect for improving your health and endurance.

This challenge, suitable for those with average fitness levels, spans ten weeks. Set your own pace and complete the trails either solo or with friends, advancing with each trail completed.

Participating also supports local trails through the Chilliwack Park Society. As you progress in the Challenge, collect badges, share your adventures on social media, and compete for exciting prizes. Join the Dogs, Trails and Coffee Challenge to drink good coffee, have fun with friends (and fido), discover new dog-friendly trails, and celebrate getting fit in the great outdoors!

Take The Challenge: Ten Dog-Friendly Trails and Ten Coffee Shops In Ten Weeks

The Dogs and Trails Challenge will motivate you to get active with your dog, explore new trails, and drink great coffee with friends. You’ll enjoy a wonderful sense of accomplishment, enter to win prizes & coffee, and show off completion badges online. You’ll also be supporting local businesses and non-profits. What could be better?

If you’re looking for something you can do with friends (both furry and otherwise), want to explore local walking and hiking trails, and get fit while you’re at it, this Challenge is for you.

  • You’ll get to explore new trails with your dog
  • You’ll get to explore new trails
  • You’ll discover new coffee shops
  • part of your registration goes back into local trails
  • You could win free coffee and prizes
  • You’ll have a great sense of accomplishment
  • You’ll get to brag by posting completion badges online
  • It’s fun to invite and share with friends and fido
  • It’ll get you off the couch
  • Forest bathing is good for you
  • Uh, yum. Coffee!
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The Trails 

The Fraser Valley West Dogs, Trails, and Coffee Challenge features a distinctive combination of 5 easy “Chill” trails and 5 moderate “Thrill” trails, spread across Langley, Surrey, Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Pitt Meadows. Catering to various fitness levels, these dog-friendly trails are perfect for spring, offering on-leash paths, engaging dog-centric tasks, and access to both great coffee shops and off-leash dog parks. The Chill trails, mostly flat with some small hills, are short and considered easy, ideal for those new to walking or hiking and perfect for family outings or walks with friends. In contrast, the Thrill trails provide a more challenging experience, ensuring an exhilarating adventure where you’ll sweat, get dirty, enhance your fitness, and create lasting memories, whether you’re alone or with friends. It’s likely that you’ll find at least two trails in the Chill category that are new to you. Embrace the opportunity to play tourist in your own backyard and challenge yourself to explore them all. Please note that trail availability may change due to permitting or weather conditions.

  1. Tavistock Trail (Brae Island, Fort Langley)
  2. Kanaka Creek (Maple Ridge)
  3. Pacific Trail Loop (Surrey Bend)
  4. Matsqui trail (Abbotsford)
  5. Serpentine Sunny (Tynehead, Surrey)
  6. Pepin Brook and Rock’N Horse (Aldergrove)
  7. Olund trail (Abbotsford)
  8. Houston Trail (Langley)
  9. Pitt River Regional Greenway (Pitt Meadows)
  10. Shaggy Mane Trail (Langley)
hikers on a mountain trail in chilliwack bc

Top 10 Local Dog-Friendly Coffee Shops 

We recommend nearby coffee shops, many of which are dog-friendly, for each trail in this Challenge. Register to gain full access to all the details.

Tips For Couch Surfers

If you’re fresh off a long season of couch-surfing:

  • Start off easy.
  • Bring a friend to help get you up and going.
  • Walk the trails. Stop, sit, and nap along the way.
  • Bring snacks and drinks.
  • Make short videos of yourself (or your dog) doing the hike. Watch the videos back at home on the couch to motivate you to get out and do the next one on the list.
  • Just do the first 30, 60, or how many minutes you can muster of the more challenging “Thrill” trails. We’ll give you credit for trying 🙂
  • Share your photos, completion badges, and trophies on social media. Get famous.
calling all couch surfers - ten trail challenge

Track Your Activities

You’ll be able to automatically track all of your activities on our mobile iOS or Android app which integrates with all leading fitness trackers and smartwatches. No manual recording of time or distances needed. Just click and go.

  • GPS Tracking & Offline Maps
  • Integrations with 9+ fitness apps and watches
  • Apps for both iOS and Android
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams for groups or corporate events

How It Works


Register For The Challenge

Register online and then make it even more fun by inviting a friend to sign-up and complete the Challenge with you.


Download The App

Use our app or connect your favorite fitness device to automatically log your activities.


Begin The Activities

Do the activities any time: after work, on the weekends, with friends or family during the Challenge dates.


Get Updates & Rewards

Monitor progress on the virtual map and get video updates, photos, digital badges. Win prizes.

Giving Back: Supporting Local Trails

Recent 10 Trail Challenges have raised over $3500 in donations. Thanks to your participation in the 10 Trail Challenge we’ll be able to continue supporting local nonprofits. All donations for this Challenge will support local trails via the Chilliwack Park Society.

Chilliwack Park Society


We’re trying something new! Before, our Challenge was only available for a set 10 weeks. Miss it, and you were out of luck. Now, you can start the 10-week challenge anytime from March to September.

Sign up is open from February 9 to September 1, 2024. The event starts on March 16, but you can begin your 10-week challenge anytime after you sign up. If you sign up by March 16, your challenge goes from March 16 to May 26. If you sign up later, your challenge starts on the day you register, but make sure to sign up no later than September 1, 2024.


From Signup to Success: Navigating Your Challenge

Browse the Explorer Series website to pick your favourite Challenge. When you’re ready to register, we’ll direct you to to sign up and optionally donate to a local charity. Then, once your Challenge start date arrives, you’ll use the Fitmap app to record your activities and access all the necessary details, routes, and maps.

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