Karver’s Trail – Scavenger Hunt

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Karver’s Trail is a great get-away-from-the-crowds route to the top of Mt. Thom. It’s relatively cool in the summer and a steep-ish climb all year long.

ACTIVITY: Scavenger Hunt
DISTANCE: 4.7km Lollipop-shaped route (including a loop at the top of Mt Thom)
MOVEMENT: Walk, hike or jog (no bikes)
BEST FOR: Adults (must be age 19+ to register and participate)
FITNESS: You need to be able to move yourself 4.7km up and down steep hills. It’s all uphill for the first 2km
CHILL THRILL SCORE: 65% Chill, 35% Thrill
START LOCATION: Karver’s Trail (Ross Road map). Drive less than 1 minute along Ross Road and on your left you’ll see a small dirt parking lot. Click the “Take the first step” button at the bottom of this page. Carefully read and sign the online waiver. Then, when you’re ready, stand at the trailhead by the gate in the parking lot. Then click “Start” and your adventure will begin.

  1. This is a virtual, self-led scavenger hunt type activity that you can perform on foot anytime by yourself or with others.
  2. Our goal is to get you out adventuring more. That means you can’t have this adventure at home.
  3. Read all of the event info and watch the videos and then travel to the proper location for this event before you click the “Take the first step” button.
  4. Using your phone you’ll be led through the route as you walk, hike, or jog. Along the way you’ll be given directions, asked trivia or location-based questions, asked to take photos or selfies, and be asked to find certain things.
  5. This activity requires your phone is connected to the Internet. You’re going to use some data, but we’ve made it require as little data as possible. (Tip: Watch the videos below and upload post-experience photos and videos at home using free wifi to save data.)
  6. Each question is worth points. The more things you get right the higher your score.
  7. There’s also a time limit for most questions. If you don’t complete a question on time you’ll get a zero on that question and it will automatically move you on to the next question. Keep an eye on the timer 🙂
  8. Read through all of the information on this page including watching the route video and route map video. Familiarize yourself with the route BEFORE you go there. You’ll have more fun and you’ll get a higher score.
  9. Always bring appropriate gear if you’re heading outdoors. Always let someone else know where you’re going and when you’ll be back.
  10. Participants must be at least 19 years old. All participants must carefully read and sign the online waiver which can be viewed ahead of time by clicking the “Take the first step” button.

Before you click “Take the first step”:

  1. This particular scavenger hunt is free for beta testing in exchange for your feedback and ideas. Normally most Chill and Thrill experiences will be for paid members only, but we’ll aim to keep some stuff free so everyone can have fun 🙂
  2. Get yourself to the starting location for this adventure and when you’re ready to begin click the “Take the first step” button below.
  3. When you’re ready, then click “Start” and your adventure will begin.