New Scavenger Hunts

Planning the next Hunt

Who doesn’t love a good Scavenger Hunt? We love making them as well as getting ideas from the community about potential new Scavenger Hunts. If you’ve got ideas or if you want to volunteer on our Scavenger Hunt R&D team contact us today.

Chilliwack Scavenger Hunts

  1. Southside Rotary Trail  (Flat: 8 km)
  2. Karver’s Trail (Hilly: 4.7 km)
  3. Lex Qwo:m Park (Hilly: 2 km)
  4. Vedder Bridge Rotary Trail (Easy & Flat: 1.4 km) ★Try First★
  5. Old Marble Hill Road Trail  (Hilly: 2 km)
  6. Luckakuk Creek Trail (Easy & Flat)
  7. Elk Mountain Trail
  8. Lickman Ponds Trail
  9. Salmon Ridge Trail
  10. Browne Creek Wetlands

Watch for new Scavenger Hunts being added regularly.

New Scavenger Hunt R&D

Help us determine which Scavenger Hunts we should develop next. Vote for your three favorite locations below where you’d like to see us develop a Scavenger Hunt in the future

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