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$5Try one new Scavenger Hunt every month. Get a free trial. Cancel anytime.
  • ✅ Full access to one new Scavenger Hunt every month
  • ✅ June's hunt: Old Marble Hill
  • ✅ Start a Free Trial today
$29Full access to all Scavenger Hunts. $29 for 3 months. Cancel anytime.
  • ✅ Full access to all Scavenger Hunts
  • ✅ New Scavenger Hunts added regularly
  • ✅ 10% discount on Challenges
  • ✅ Free entry for a chance to win prizes (coffee, candies, gear) from local businesses

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scavenger hunts - chill and thrill

“Just wanted to say thank you and share how much we enjoyed this today! A friend and I took our kids to do the free intro scavenger hunt and they loved it!! We also ran into another family doing the same one just a few clues ahead of us. We will definitely be doing more 😊

scavenger hunts - chill and thrill

“So much fun for a family walk! Can’t wait to do more! 5 Stars.”

scavenger hunts - chill and thrill

“Looking for a fun idea? We did a scavenger hunt from @gochillandthrill. We tried the Vedder Bridge Rotary Trail Scavenger Hunt. They have a variety of scavenger hunts to choose from all over Chilliwack. Looking for clues kept us motivated! We all loved it!”

scavenger hunts - chill and thrill

“Fun way to spend an evening in the great outdoors. 👍🏼💥💪🏼  5 stars”

Got Questions?

Yes, you can sign up for a free 7-day trial and get access to the Vedder Bridge Scavenger Hunt in Chilliwack B.C. Click on the “Start My Free 7-Day Trial” button above.

At present all Scavenger Hunts require the use of a smartphone with a data plan. We are looking at developing offline, paper-based, simplified versions of Scavenger Hunts in the near future.

Scavenger Hunts are designed for people of all ages. While a Scavenger Hunt registrant must be 19 years of age, we think anyone will enjoy our hunts. They’re even more fun with friends or family.

Chill and Thrill is open all year. Scavenger Hunts are available all year as well. In some cases you’ll need to use your best judgement about participating in a particular Scavenger Hunt. Some hunts might require a longer or steeper walk/hike than you’re ready for, the weather might not be great, or perhaps you’d be better off going with a friend rather than going out alone. Other factors such as icy trails, falling space debris, something really great on tv, or your boss figuring out you’re not really at home “working” may convince you to not participate in a Scavenger Hunt.

Yes, you need a smartphone with a data plan to participate in our online Scavenger Hunts. We’ve developed the Scavenger Hunts to require as little data as possible (eg there’s no videos, no huge files to download when you’re doing the hunt).

We’re developing multiple Scavenger Hunts throughout 2021 and will aim to release new Scavenger Hunts and virtual experiences each month. If you’ve got an idea for a Scavenger Hunt or a local virtual experience let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

Many locations require special permission or permits so until we get approval we can’t create some hunts that we’d love to make.

Chill and Thrill is being developed by local Chilliwack folks at Stir, Hike Chilliwack and a team of awesome volunteers.  Read more about the history of Chill and Thrill.

Want to help with Scavenger Hunts? Contact us, we look forward to hearing your ideas.

Yes, if you’ve got a large group contact us and we can set you up.

Our registration page outlines options that are suitable for individuals and families.

We might offer a family package in the future but for now we want to keep options as simple as possible.

Please submit your questions and comments to us via the contact form.

The Ten Trail Challenge will be happening between June 19th and August 13th, 2021 with registration opening on June 5th 2021.