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How Does the Fitmap App Fit Into Explorer Series Events?

First, you’ll browse the Explorer Series website to pick your favorite Challenge. When you’re ready to register, we’ll direct you to to sign up and optionally donate to a local charity. Then, once your Challenge start date arrives, you’ll use the Fitmap app to record your activities and access all the necessary details, routes, and maps. Optionally, you’ll be able to connect your favorite fitness device (Apple Watch, Garmin, Strava, etc.) to your Fitmap app to make it even easier to record your activities.

How to use the Fitmap App

FitMap App Written Instructions

The 10 steps below correspond with the video above regarding the use of the FitMap app to participate in an Explorer Series Challenge. They cover accessing event details, turn-by-turn directions, and the interactive map feature.

Step 1: App download

  • Register for a Challenge (pay for your event on RaceRoster).
  • Download the FitMap app onto your phone.

Step 2: App registration and joining your event in FitMap

  • Register for a FitMap account via the app.
  • Open the “join” email you received from FitMap the day you registered for the event. If you can’t find the important “join” email from FitMap (not from RaceRoster), it likely went into your junk/spam folder. Email us at along with your participant name and the event you signed up for, and we’ll resend that email.
    • Once you’ve got that email from Fitmap (not from RaceRoster), click your custom “Join Now” button in that email, and it will add your Challenge to your app.
    • TIP: If you’re attempting to scan the QR code to join your event in Fitmap, ensure that you’re viewing the QR code in an email that is from Fitmap. Some individuals attempt to scan the QR code in the email received from RaceRoster which is incorrect. (sorry for this confusion, we have no way of turning off that QR code in the RaceRoster email)

Step 3: Open the app and view your event listed within the FitMap app.

Step 4: Click on your Challenge in the FitMap App to access all the event details.

  • Scroll down and select the activity or trail you’d like to do first. We recommend starting with the first activity listed.
    (IMPORTANT: Full activity details, such as locations and turn-by-turn directions, are not unlocked until the start date of your event.) Note: In the sample above the two activities/trails to choose from for this made-up Challenge are “Sample Promontory” and “QoQo Sample 2”.

Step 5: Click the “Description” button to view everything you need, from trail or coffee shop locations to turn-by-turn directions.

Below is a sample “Description” page with a sample event description, address, tips, and turn-by-turn directions:

Step 6: On or after your Challenge’s start date, when you’re ready to start recording your activity, click the “Track” button (it’s right beside the Description button)

  • Note: Tracking your activity via the FitMap app (or via your connected fitness device) is not mandatory unless you wish to earn your digital finisher badge or win prizes.

Step 7: Determine how you’d like to track your activity.

There are three different options:

  1. Use our app. (or)
  2. Connect your GPS watch or fitness app. (or)
  3. Manual entry.

Step 8: Use our app to record your activity

  • We recommend you use our app by clicking the “Start Tracking” button.
  • Then, choose your activity type (e.g., walking). Then click “Track with App”.

Note: if you choose to connect your fitness device (eg your watch or Strava, etc) you can click start and stop on your fitness device and it will automatically send the activity information to fitmap. If you follow the route exactly, you will receive your finisher badge and will be added to the leaderboard for that activity. (Tip: I record activities using my gps watch (which I’ve connected to the fitmap app) but I also have the fitmap app open to view the turn-by-turn directions)

Step 9: If you’re using the app to track your activity, next click “Start.”

  • Note: In the upper right corner of the app screen, there is a “map” icon. If you’re tracking your activity with the app, and after you’ve started recording, clicking this map icon will open a map view of your activity, showing your real-time location along the prescribed route. This is a handy way to ensure you’re staying on the correct route. Simply follow the blue line overlaid on the map — that’s the route for your activity.
  • At the top of the map screen, you will see an “arrow” icon – this will open the “Description” section, which contains your written turn-by-turn directions. You can toggle between the Map and the Description sections during your activity if you want to read the turn-by-turn directions at one moment and then later during your activity, perhaps see where you are on the map.

Step 10: Stop tracking and Save your activity

  • When you’re done with your activity, in the app click “Stop” at the bottom of the screen. To save your activity, then click the “Save” button.
  • After clicking “Save,” you’ll then be able to see your activity results listed in the “Leaderboard” for that event inside the activity.
  • Note: It can take a few minutes to update your activity data into the leaderboard. Not all participants will be recording their activities so you may not see your friend’s results in the leaderboards.

Congrats. You’ve successfully recorded an event activity.

(you’ll see a success message at the bottom of the screen)

Get your badge. Share it and photos on social to win prizes.

  • If you followed the route exactly as shown on the map and as outlined in the turn-by-turn directions, you will automatically receive an activity finisher’s badge via email a few minutes after you finish your event. Feel free to share your badge and photos of your activity on your favorite social media channels with the hashtag #explorerseries to be entered to win random prizes.