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Explore 10 steep grind trails with friends over 10 weeks.

The Spring 10 Grind Challenge (Chilliwack)

Challenge yourself and a friend to complete ten of the best local grind trails in the Chilliwack area.

Why Participate?

This is your chance to have fun, get fit, conquer vertical climbs, win exciting prizes, and make a difference by supporting local nonprofits, all while enjoying the great outdoors.

How It Works

Do the grinds any time: after work, on the weekends, with friends or family. Whether you are walking, hiking, or trail running, you will find the trails both challenging and rewarding.

Charity Impact

Your participation will directly support the Chilliwack Park Society. As you push your limits on these grind trails, know that you are also making a positive impact in the community by giving back to local parks and trails.

Event Schedule

The challenge runs for 10 weeks, starting Spring 2024.

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Register for the Challenge

Register online and then make it even more fun by inviting a friend to sign-up and complete the Challenge with you.

Walk or run the activities

Do the activities any time: after work, on the weekends, with friends or family.

Complete activities & get rewards

Get Completion Badges as you complete each activity. Share photos on social to win prizes.

Follow us to fun this summer


The 10 Grind Challenge will motivate you to explore new trails (even more fun with friends!). You’ll enjoy a wonderful sense of accomplishment, enter to win prizes & coffee, and show off completion badges online. You’ll also be supporting local businesses and non-profits. What could be better? 

If you’re looking for something you can do with friends, want to explore local grind trails, and get fit while you’re at it, this Challenge is for you.

  • You’ll get to explore new grind trails  
  • A portion of your registration goes back into local trails
  • You could win prizes
  • You’ll have a great sense of accomplishment
  • You’ll get to brag by posting completion badges online
  • It’s fun to invite and share with friends
  • It’ll get you off the couch 
  • Vert!
  • Forest bathing is good for you
hikers on a mountain trail in chilliwack bc


These Chilliwack-area grind trails are steep, low-elevation, and spring-season-friendly. Completing the grinds will require reasonable fitness and a willingness to climb a few hundred meters of elevation over a short distance. Get ready for an exhilarating experience where you’ll sweat, get dirty, and have the time of your life, whether you’re going solo or with friends. While they’re not the hardest, longest, or steepest grind trails around, they still provide a rewarding workout.

The Spring 10 Grind Challenge trails vary in length from 3 to 8 km and feature a modest elevation gain ranging from 300 to 1,000 meters. Some grinds are suitable for repeats, while others are best experienced as one-offs. Here’s the grind lineup:

  1. QoQo (Vedder Mountain)
  2. Bowman (Vedder Mountain)
  3. Magic (Community Forest)
  4. Watt (Columbia Valley)
  5. Karver (Ryder Lake)
  6. Tea Bench (Columbia Valley)
  7. Salmon (Chilliwack River Valley)
  8. Surprise
  9. Surprise
  10. Surprise

Note: You might be wondering about local grinds like Abby Grind, Goat Ridge, William’s Ridge, and Harrison Grind. They are not included due to various reasons, including permitting issues, private property concerns, their difficulty, location outside the Chilliwack area, or high elevations that may be too snowy in spring. Instead, we’ve carefully selected trails that can be completed in around an hour or two, depending on your pace, each offering challenging climbs and suitable for those with average fitness levels.


Recent 10 Trail Challenges have raised over $3500 in donations. Thanks to your participation in the 10 Trail Challenge we’ll be able to continue supporting local nonprofits. All donations for this Challenge will support local trails via the Chilliwack Park Society.

Chilliwack Park Society


“This is such a cool challenge. I am so happy you guys are doing this. Thank you!”
– Jamie I.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Such a great idea! It was awesome to find new areas to enjoy and get outdoors. Can’t wait for the next challenge!”
– Lisa B.

“Great trails. Will be doing the challenge again!”
– Tamara W.

“A fantastic way to learn about the trails in the area. Well organized and worth it to participate with the family and friends! Loved the summer challenge and have registered for the fall challenge already too.”
– Anita K.

“The Ten Trail Challenge was fun and motivating! The instructions were easy to follow. I loved getting to know some new trails.”
– Kelly P.

“I had a good time checking out new trails and areas to run.”
– Jordan O.

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