Explorer Series – Event Rules

Our goal here at Explorer Series is to get you, your friends and your family outside, active, and playing tourist in your own backyard. If I can help you add more adventure into your life, we’ll call that a win.

Explorer Series Challenges will get you outside and active, having fun, exploring new places, taking on challenges and tackling activities (while supporting small businesses and non-profits and vying for a chance to win cool prizes).


There are no refunds or transfers on Explorer Series Events, Challenges, or Activities.

How It Works

1. Register For The Challenge

Register online and then make it even more fun by inviting a friend to sign-up and complete the Challenge with you.

2. Download The App

Use the FitMap app or connect your favorite fitness device to automatically log your activities.

3. Begin The Activities

Do the activities any time: after work, on the weekends, with friends or family during the Challenge dates.

4. Get Updates & Rewards

Monitor progress online, get email updates, photos, and digital badges. Win prizes.


Once you’ve registered for the event, make sure you’re signed-in to your account in the FitMap app. From there you’ll be able to connect to the event(s) you’ve registered for inside the app. If you can’t remember your login info, use the password recovery feature in the app.


The Challenge includes a list of recommended “Activities” for you to choose from. Your goal? Try to complete at least one Activity each week during the Challenge period.

You’re free to do the Challenge Activities in any order, unless your challenge states otherwise. As you complete each Activity, be sure to share your photos and/or badges with friends and family via your favorite social media accounts (using the hashtags #explorerseries and/or #tentrailchallenge depending on which Challenge you’re taking).

In choosing which trails or activities to participate in, be smart and safe:

  • Choose activities or trails that are right for your fitness- and skill-level.
  • Some locations, businesses, parks, or trails have specific dates they open or close. As, a result some trails in your Challenge may not “unlock” until later in the Challenge.
  • Be respectful of all park and trail guidelines
  • If you’re bringing your dog, please keep your dog on leash (unless it’s a clearly marked off-leash area) and follow all dog etiquette and safety considerations.
  • Know the route; bring a guide or map.
  • Remember that not all trails will have cellular reception.
  • Be mindful of trail and weather conditions; check before you go!
    • If it’s really hot, go very early in the morning, bring lots of water and a good hat.
    • If there’s flooding or high-water, check the conditions online before you head out and be water safe.
    • If there’s still snow in the mountains check online to make sure your trail is open.
  • Tell someone when and where you’re going.
  • Better yet, go with a friend of group for maximum safety and fun.
  • Bring everything you need to be comfortable and safe:

Coffee Shops and Businesses 

We love supporting local small businesses and we love coffee—the perfect way to unwind before or after an adventure in the great outdoors!

Some Challenge Activities includes a recommended nearby coffee shop or business to check-out. Insider Tip: As a Challenger, you will be automatically entered to win prizes each time you complete an activity and post your Finisher Badge in Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #explorerseries and/or #tentrailchallenge in the caption.


Read the full list of Explorer Series FAQ’s.

Events Disclaimer:

By participating in any Explorer Series event, activity or challenge, you agree to the following Events Disclaimer:

The information in Explorer Series events/activities/challenges is subject to change at any time. While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure that the information on this website and in corresponding documents is correct, Explorer Series makes no warranty about the accuracy of this information and accepts no liability for any inconvenience or any direct or consequential loss arising from reliance upon this information. 

Be sure to check weather and trail conditions online before heading out for your event or out onto the trails. Viewers and participants should be aware that roads, trails and linking trails or routes in this or related events as well as other trails and routes mentioned within may pass through remote wilderness areas. 

Trail conditions can change very rapidly and these changes may not be reflected here. Use of the information on this web site is at the viewers’ own risk.