Dog Etiquette and Safety Considerations

The 10 Trail Challenge: Dogs & Trails is meant to be a fun way for you and your dog to get outside, explore and play together.

Being smart and safe in choosing and modifying routes and tasks and following the below etiquette and safety considerations will help to ensure a good time can be had by all:

  • Don’t get carried away! Make smart, safe choices to ensure your safety, comfort and success
  • Have a vet confirm that your dog is in good health before you set out to complete the Challenge
  • Choose Activities that are appropriate for both you and your dog in terms of difficulty, training, age + health, fitness level and skill (or modify Activities to work for you)
  • Be mindful of conditions and respect local trail/route rules and regulations
  • Note which trails are on- and off-leash designated
    • Never let your dog off-leash in an on-leash area
    • Never let your dog off-leash in an off-leash area if he/she does not have a reliable recall
    • Never let your on- or off-leash dog approach other people or dogs without permission
    • Never let your dog chase wildlife; stay on trails
  • Note which places (ie: businesses) are dog-friendly; be respectful of places and people
  • Bring the necessary gear to keep both you and your dog comfortable and safe. Here’s a great checklist c/o MEC, including:
    • Water/bowl, treats
    • Properly-fitted collar/harness and leash
    • Poop Bags
    • As appropriate, a bear-bell and First-Aid Kit
  • Keep it fun by using force-free, positive reinforcement (R+) training techniques only
  • Scoop your poop; take it with you
  • Be Covid-safe

Questions? Get in touch anytime.

Let’s do this!

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