Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common Questions & Answers about the 10 Trail Challenge:

Follow these steps to join a Challenge:

  1. Pick your Challenge here on Explorer Series and click “Register”.
  2. Register and pay for the Challenge on RaceRoster.
  3. Download the Fitmap app.
  4. Use the same email to create a free Fitmap account that you used for RaceRoster registration.
  5. Click the “Join” link or scan the QR code from the Fitmap email you’ll receive after registering.

Now that you’re registered via RaceRoster for your Challenge, you’ll be using the FitMap App for everything else Challenge-related. 

It’s how you’ll participate in your Challenge when it starts (including accessing instructions, getting directions/maps, recording activities and more). 

So check your Email In-Box or Spam Folder now for an email from FitMap. It contains instructions for downloading the FitMap App, creating your free FitMap account, and linking your chosen Challenge (Event). 

First off, welcome to Explorer Series. We’re sorry to hear you didn’t receive the emails we sent. Our system should have immediately sent you a confirmation receipt email and a second email with event information.

If you don’t see an email from us within 10 minutes after signing up, please check your “spam,” “promotions,” or “social” folders in your email. If you still can’t find your confirmation email, please let us know. Sometimes the issue is as simple as a misspelled email address.

We use RaceRoster to handle Challenge registration, donations and share-with-friends rewards. During registration you’ll be asked to create a free RaceRoster account – do that. Upon registering, you’ll get a confirmation email from RaceRoster. Just keep it for your records.

We use the FitMap App for everything else Challenge-related. It’s how you’ll participate in your Challenge when it starts. So look for and open that FitMap email and follow the instructions to download the app, create your free FitMap account, link your chosen Challenge (Event), and get started.

Learn more about the FitMap App and how to use it

Our location-based events are for participants who live close enough to drive to the event area. For instance, the Fraser Valley East 10 Trail Challenge is for those who live in the Fraser Valley East region. Some of our events are fully virtual and can be done from anywhere in the world.

We make our events so that most people can take part in most of the activities. Take the 10 Trail Challenge as an example. It has 5 easy “Chill” trails and 5 moderate “Thrill” trails. The Chill trails are short, mostly flat, and easy for anyone with basic fitness. We recommend starting with the Chill trails to build fitness in the first few weeks of the Challenge. The Thrill trails in the second half are harder, longer, and have more hills.

If you haven’t hiked in a while or are out of shape, some Thrill trails might be too hard. In that case, it’s okay to skip a trail or do just the first 30, 60, or however many minutes you can manage. Don’t push yourself too hard. Even trying a bit of a trail counts!

It’s okay if you can’t complete all of the activities in a challenge before the time runs out. Just go out, do what you can, and enjoy with friends and family.

Option 1: Feel free to comment on posts on our Explorer Series social media accounts or connect with other social followers there. Take a minute now to follow us on X, Instagram Threads, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Option 2: Join the Explorer Series private members-only  Facebook Group to connect with and encourage other event participants

Option 3: Explorer Series manages a 21,000+ member Facebook Hiking Group composed of members from throughout Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, and the Pacific Northwest at Ten Trail Challenge participants are often seen posting about the Challenge and connecting with small groups of hiking partners there.

Participants often get together with friends or family, or connect with new friends online and explore trails on weekdays and weekends. Everyone loves to be invited to fun activities so reach out and invite a friend,  coworker, or soon-to-be-better-friend to join you in in Explorer Series event today 🙂

Your registration and payment information is managed by You can log in to the RaceRoster account you created during registration to access your payment information, receipt, etc. If you can’t remember your RaceRoster password, use RaceRoster’s password recovery feature.

Information about Explorer Series events and your event account is all found inside the Fitmap app. To access your events, log in to the Fitmap app account you created when you first downloaded the app. If you can’t remember your app password, use the app’s password recovery feature.

Over the course of 10 weeks, 10 Trail Challenge participants challenge themselves to walk, hike or run local routes or trails and complete related Challenge Activities. Some Challenges include exploring coffee shops, others include performing different types of activities or random acts of kindness. It’s even more fun with family and friends! Trail Challenges get people outdoors, exploring some of the most beautiful places and discovering some of the best nearby coffee shops, all while supporting local businesses and non-profits. Along the way, participants enjoy a sense of accomplishment, enter to win prizes, receive completion badges online, and see how they rank in online leaderboards.

It’s always more fun with a friend. We recommend you challenge a friend or two to sign up for the Challenge so you can do it together.

Once you’ve registered for an event and have downloaded and logged into the Fitmap app, you’re ready to participate. Recording your activities is optional. However, if you do want to use the Fitmap app or the fitness device you’ve connected to your Fitmap account to record your activities, then you’ll be able to earn digital completion badges and see your performance on online leaderboards.

You can use the built-in activity tracking feature in the Fitmap app on your phone. Alternatively, if you own a smartwatch or fitness device, such as an Apple Watch, Garmin watch, or if you use Strava, you can connect these to your Fitmap account. Fitmap is compatible with all leading devices.

Past events will time out on or shortly after the event end date. We do not keep events live and active past the end date (unless an event has been extended for some reason) because our permits and permissions for using many of the trails in our Challenges are limited to the x week Challenge period. For example, any trail that’s managed by the Fraser Valley Regional District is approved via permit only for our event Challenge dates. In other cases we may have asked for permission from private land owners for trail access for a select period of time. Also, due to changing conditions (trail updates, floods, washouts, etc) we need to take Challenge trails info offline and update them each season.

This isn’t a race. This is a fun Challenge.

Take photos each time you participate in an Activity. Post your favorite photos (or Activity Completion Badges) to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtags #explorerseries or #tentrailchallenge and/or #coffeewalks (depending on the event you’re in) to automatically be entered for a chance to win random prizes.

All Explorer Series events require participants to download the Fitmap App onto a smartphone.

You can utilize the built-in activity tracking feature in the Fitmap app on your phone. If you have a smartwatch or fitness device, such as an Apple Watch or Garmin watch, or if you use Strava, you can link these to your Fitmap account. Fitmap is compatible with all major devices.

We recommend carrying a phone for safety purposes in case you need to make a call while you’re out and about, although we can’t guarantee cell phone coverage in all locations for all events.

Bring your favorite walking, hiking, or jogging gear (footwear, hat, jacket, sunglasses, backpack, etc.) and anything else you might need to feel safe while completing your activity. This includes:

  • Drinks and snacks.
  • Smartphone (to follow directions on the trail page).

Trail Use Guidelines:

  1. Be prepared. Expect unexpected weather and wildlife.
  2. Use caution and always inform others where you’re going before you head out hiking, and what time you expect to return.
  3. Know your limits. Choose a trail that matches your hiking ability or that of the weakest member of your group.
  4. Some trails are restricted to hiking only. Others are multi-use, meaning they’re open to horses, cyclists, hikers, and trail runners.
  5. Always stay on the trails. Don’t cut switchbacks, as this destroys trailside vegetation and damages trails. Creating new trails without permission is not allowed.
  6. Be courteous and respectful of other trail users.
  7. Obey posted regulations for each trail.
  8. Use common sense when venturing into the woods. For example, don’t head out if you’re unsure of your destination. Leave triple the time you think you’ll need to complete the trail before sunset – it gets dark much faster in the forest. Do not attempt any of the event trails in the dark.

Joining the Explorer Series events offers a unique and enriching experience that goes beyond what typical hiking or outdoor activities alone can provide. Firstly, these events feature a diverse range of activities, including hiking, running, biking, kayaking, and even engaging with local coffee shops through challenges like the Trails and Coffee and Coffee Walks challenges. This curated selection allows you to explore hidden gems and breathtaking spots that you might not discover on your own.

One of the key aspects of the Explorer Series is its community-oriented approach. By participating, you become part of a supportive network of explorers who share experiences, encouragement, and form lasting connections. This community aspect enhances the adventure, making it more enjoyable and socially engaging.

Furthermore, the event timeframes offer motivation and structure to your outdoor activities. Many participants have found that they engage more frequently in outdoor activities with friends as a result of these events. The digital badges earned for each completed trail add a fun and social element to the experience, and with each trail you finish, you’re entered to win prizes from local businesses.

Moreover, the Explorer Series has a significant community impact. A portion of registration fees is donated to local charities and goes back into trail maintenance and conservation efforts. This means that by participating, you’re not only enjoying a well-planned event but also contributing to your local community and environment.

In addition to these benefits, participants also receive exclusive discounts and special offers from nearby businesses, adding further value to the experience. With thousands of participants and glowing reviews, the Explorer Series events have proven to be an excellent way to enjoy adventures and contribute positively to the community.

We’ve created specific dog-friendy Challenges for people who want to bring their dogs. The trails in the “Dogs and Trails” Challenges are generally flatter and easier than our regular 10 Trail Challenge trails. All of the Dog Challenge trails are on-leash trails. In some instances there will be designated off-leash areas. Other dog owners, as you know, may choose to ignore park rules about keeping their dog on leash. Please read more about dog etiquette and safety considerations.